The computer plays a prominent and intriguing part in the research into the nature of cognitive processes and structures. The UM student portal was designed to work on all devices. The pre-master's programme for Global Supply Chain Management and Change is a transfer programme for students of Universities of Applied Sciences who wish to obtain a university master's degree in Global Supply Chain Management and Change. The programme is offered in cooperation between the School of Business and Economics and the United Nations University-Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT). Gemiddeld waarderen ze de opleiding met 4.1 uit 5. You'll gain the theoretical foundation, and the methodological tools needed to function effectively in this challenging interdisciplinary field. The Labour and Business specialisation teaches you the various legal implications of running a business and covers topics like mergers and acquisitions, employment conditions and social insurance. Find out during the FPN Virtual Experience Day! Email: Deze opleiding. eisen : bron: Phone: +31 43 … Are you interested in motivating individuals to maintain their health and wellbeing? See the whole programme. As an intern, you’ll work in hospitals and clinics and will perform preparatory scientific research. We offer you two flavours of our MaastrichtMBA: Executive MBA and EuroMBA Online. The master’s programme in Public Policy and Human Development emphasises the connection between public policy and decision-making processes, or in other words, the effectiveness and efficiency of governance. In the master’s programme Systems Biology, you’ll learn how you apply mathematical tools such as modelling, data handling and informatics to biology and biomedical sciences. Instagram You will gain broad insights into current issues of national and international importance. Meet our student ambassadors online and ask them whatever you want to know about Psychology study and life in Maastricht. de studiekeuzecheck. 6200 MD Maastricht eisen : Radboud Universiteit: Gezondheidszorgpsychologie: … Students are in charge of their own learning process and are expected to be committed, active and self-motivated. UG students. I was a bit intrigued about this approach, but it turned out to improve considerably my speaking skills and I ended up studying more regularly. International students - 9,765. You will also gain experience in conducting debates and will discover what your vision and role are in contemporary controversies in the field of art and culture. Maastricht University (UM) is an innovative, research-oriented and the most international university in the Netherlands. 1 Maastricht University Psychology Department's current homepage; 2 Department contact details; 3 List of degrees awarded; 4 Current notable staff and their homepages; 5 … Psychology at Maastricht University: study mental processes such as language and memory, and learn about the factors that influence human behaviour. Attend interactive lectures, work on specific real-life cases, and give presentations. Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Section Forensic Psychology - Assistant Professor; Forensic Psychology - Assistant Professor; Person: Paid Staff - Academic Staff. You can also sign up for our info pack. This selective master provides six top training specialisations in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience for students aiming to become high-level researchers in academia, or envisioning a career in industrial, governmental, clinical, or other work environments. Phone: +43 388 2180 Ask a question via web form. Graduate Employability Ranking #181-190. Want to view the courses of previous years? Do you want to know how exercise and nutrition influences health and disease? Applied Cognitive Psychology The idea that people constantly use knowledge stored in the brain when interpreting the world around them is important for the Cognitive Psychology specialisations. Dutch And it’s these very differences that make the UM learning experience unique. At the end one gets an international certificate. Maastricht’s psychology faculty is world-renowned, and you will experience not only world-class instruction but get insight into what is internationally a truly ‘hot topic’. Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Section Applied Social Psychology - PhD; Applied Social Psychology - PhD; Person: External company - Academic Staff. UM offers academic programmes on a wide range of themes, including Arts & Culture, Behavioural and Political Sciences, Business and Economics, Health and Life Sciences, Law, and Knowledge Engineering. The bachelor’s programme in Psychology is taught at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. Ilona Wijnands Marketing & Communications Officer. Dear prospective student, Thank you for your interest in our master's programme. We tonen daarom de Engelstalige opleidingsinformatie. filter, Advanced Master Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management (LLM/MSc), Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism, Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology (Research), Global challenges and macroeconomic policy, Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets, European Studies on Society, Science and Technology, Global Supply Chain Management and Change, pre-master's programme for Global Supply Chain Management and Change, Governance and Leadership in European Public Health, Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management, Specialisation International and European Tax Law, Specialisation Customs and International Supply Chain Taxation, pre-master's programme for International Business, Accounting and Business Information Technology, Information Management and Business Intelligence, Organisation: Management, Change and Consultancy, International Executive Master of Finance and Control, International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology, Learning and Development in Organisations, pre-master's programme for Learning and Development in Organisations, Master Forensica, Criminologie en Rechtspleging, Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, Sustainability Science, Policy and Society. Contacts. Preparatory courses allow in 2−12 months to prepare for Bachelor programmes, to tighten the English and learn about the culture of the country. 1 year Na de studie. locatie Maastricht: diploma BSc : type regulier, 180 EC: start 1 september: taal volledig Dutch volledig English: opleidingsduur 3 jaar voltijd: accreditaties NVAO: croho-code 56604: numerus fixus 525plaatsen: honours heeft honours track: 0; 1; Study a Bsc. School of Business and Economics Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience Maastricht University (abbreviated as UM; Dutch: Universiteit Maastricht) is a public university in Maastricht, Netherlands.Founded in 1976, it is the second youngest of the thirteen Dutch universities.. Missed the chance to order the official FPN Hoodie? Learning and Development in Organisations (formerly named Management of Learning) is a multidisciplinary programme that combines elements from economics, business, human resource management and learning sciences. But the Psychology programme at Maastricht University is extra special Das Studium Psychologie an der Universität Maastricht hebt sich durch den Fokus auf Kognitive und Biologische Psychologie hervor. Nkansah Anakwah, Faculty of Law, Maastricht University, Bouillonstraat 3, Maastricht 6211 LH, The Netherlands. The Positive Psychology programme uses Problem-Based Learning (PBL), a student-centred teaching method widely used throughout Maastricht University. Data Science for Decision Making deals with mathematical methods and techniques needed to optimise processes within non-profit organisations and businesses. You'll receive a brochure, we'll send you updates on our programmes and open days, life at UM and much more. Bachelor (undergraduate) is a basic higher education. You will develop an understanding of why forensics increasingly play a decisive role in solving crimes and in getting the criminals convicted. We are here for all the bachelor and master psychology students in Maastricht. Dear prospective student, Thank you for your interest in our master's programme. Maastricht University is a public-based institute in the Netherlands with 19,000 students in total; 54% of students enrolled there are international students. You can either choose a free track, in which you can create a tailor-made programme, or specialise in Human Rights, Corporate and Commercial Law or International Trade Law. Daneben ist die Ausbildung stark forschungsorientiert. Distinguishing aspects of the programme are its small-scale, group-based education, allowing for close interaction with both the teaching staff and other highly motivated students, and its attractive mix of theoretical and practical training. Maastricht University (UM) is an innovative, research-oriented and the most international university in the Netherlands. Student life made easier Spend less time and energy finding the information you need. 2011 2020. Our small-scale ‘international classroom’ brings together people from all over the world who have different backgrounds and perspectives. Deze opleiding! Health & Life Sciences This Positive Psychology course is a unique international study opportunity for psychology students. The city of Maastricht is beautiful, full of life but remain affordable for students. What’s it like to be a Psychology student at Maastricht University? Du willst Psychologie studieren? And would you like to learn how to best treat, diagnose and manage different disorders? On her Instagram account she shares her study experiences, moments of her life in Maastricht, and much more. Box 616 Then the master's in Health Education and Promotion may be what you are looking for. The multidisciplinary master’s programme in Fiscal Economics is ideal for anyone with an interest in taxation, as well as the economic and legal consequences of it. Below you can find our semester programmes and Maastricht Online Campus courses. You’ll learn to develop computational solutions to problems and provide up-to-date scientific and technological advice. PG students . This programme educates you as a professional economist, giving you a broad and thorough grounding in economics as well as the practical tools to advise companies and governments on economic issues. In these specialisations, you’ll follow both compulsory courses and elective courses, which allow you to specialise in a certain area. In two years, you will train your analytical and methodological skills to pursue a career in research at a university, a knowledge institute, governmental agencies or a firm. Meet Gwenn: the student ambassador for the specialisation Health and Social Psychology. Economists are the strategic decision makers of the future. … 2005 2019. You can either learn to be a researcher (3 years) and then go for a master's degree, or a professional (4 years). The Netherlands  Find out during the FPN Virtual Experience Day! In this master programme, you will explore how disruptive technologies will significantly impact our society and you will gain expertise on topics such as ethical algorithms and machine morality. In these strange times, we want you to know that we care about you and that we try our utmost to connect with you and connecting you with your peers. September It is ranked as 88 th best university, according to the Times Higher Education World Ranking and 4 th youngest university. Maastricht, the Netherlands, forms a unique environment for studying psychology and neuroscience. The programme will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to manage strategic change projects in the supply chains of global organisations. filter, Apply   Award; Application Process; Clarity of Information; 3.3. For general info, please contact us at: +31 43 388 5388 study[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl Bonnefantenstraat 2 6211 KL Maastricht Chat with us (Mon-Fri from 8.30 to 17.00 CET) For more info on a programme's content, visit the programme's contact page or … You will not become a political scientist, historian, philosopher or sociologist, but a cultural scientist who combines approaches from all of these disciplines. filter, Apply   filter, Apply   In the International Laws programme, you’ll combine courses from our Globalisation and Law and European Law School programmes with training in two foreign languages. This programme will not be offered in academic year 2021-2022. View all 37 researchers Research Output 1998 2020. Merve Alabak. LinkedIn You will combine insights from forensic psychology, accounting and medicine with principles of law. filter, Apply   We have been organizing dynamic and interactive study abroad programmes for more than 30 years and cannot wait to welcome you to one of them! Education Health, Medicine and Life Sciences Check Studiekeuze123! This page tries to give a complete overview of all the Wikipedia activities organised at the university as part of the Wikipedia Education Program. Search for more papers by this author. QS WUR By Subject Ranking #51-100. YouTube, Apply   Fully taught in English. The Netherlands  Maastricht University: Forensic Psychology + basiskennis + motivatiebrief + toelatingsgesprek: Maastricht University: Forensica, Criminologie en Rechtspleging + instaptoets: Amsterdam VU: Genes in Behaviour and Health (research) research + aanv. Find out during the FPN Virtual... Find out more about one of the most international universities in Europe, experience our unique approach... What’s it like to be a Psychology student at Maastricht University? 798 Article; 119 Chapter; 47 Doctoral Thesis; 16 Book; 65 More. A minimum of 10 students is required for the class to take place. The master’s programme in Artificial Intelligence focuses on the design and creation of intelligent systems that can, for example, play games, control robots or analyse data. The FASoS' problem-based learning (PBL) is appropriate for most of the courses and an efficient way to learn. Maastricht opted to open a new university and made a bid. Psychology in Maastricht: more about the study . 3 years Study the new field of Positive Psychology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. UG students. Learn to assess and treat cognitive and behavioural disorders following brain damage. University of Maastricht Psychology Department's current homepage Edit Department contact details Edit List of degrees awarded Edit (with links to the curriculum for each) Current notable staff and their homepages Edit Notable alumni Edit Notable staff in the past Edit History of the department Edit See also Edit. What’s it like to be a Psychology student at Maastricht University? Advertisements. Data Science & Knowledge Engineering Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Section Clinical Psychology - Associate Professor; Clinical psychology - Associate Professor; Person: Paid Staff - Academic Staff. May I ask what subject you are taking? Dr. De Martino will study hearing in context, as what we hear greatly relies on context. filter, Apply   You'll also use an MRI scanner to measure brain activity as a source for our behaviour. 68%. These are some of the topics that a Work and Organizational Psychologist studies. February Gain skills in preventative care and combating mental illness. You will gain a sound understanding of the theory, issues and research methods pertaining to globalisation and development. What happens to our brain when we age? The programme combines political science, history, international relations, economics and culture studies, focusing on the international dimensions of European policy, governance and administration. And it’s these very differences that make the UM learning experience unique. If so, the master’s programme in Forensics, Criminology and Law could be for you. filter, Apply   What do we think or feel? If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. The master’s programme in Globalisation & Development Studies focuses on how globalisation dynamics affect developing areas. Maastricht University is one of the top Public universities in Maastricht, Netherlands. What determines the effectiveness of a team? UM offers academic programmes on a wide range of themes, including Arts & Culture, Behavioural and Political Sciences, Business and Economics, Health and Life Sciences, Law, and Knowledge Engineering. Maastricht University (UM) is known for its Problem-Based Learning system and international orientation. Join cultural weekend trips to the beautiful cities of Amsterdam and Brussels for practical experiences. aansluitende masteropleidingen. It is a fascinating field that utilises statistics, tracking methods and problem solving to study the origin and causes of diseases, and the effect of clinical interventions in a community. (7)Department of Medical Microbiology and Infection Control, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. +31 43 388 2222, Follow us on Social Media You’ll attend a lecture and participate in a tutorial group. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences The main purpose of this award is to support motivated students of high calibre to pursue PhD research at the university for the session 2020/21. Which working conditions help prevent mental fatigue? Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, Maastricht University, Maastricht, … Are you interested in how the digital transformation will shape our businesses, society and lives? The master’s in Globalisation and Law is a broad programme with a large number of elective courses. The research master in Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology is a programme that focuses on how technologies, scientific knowledge and art change societies. RS: FPN; RS: FPN CPS; Overview; Network; Researchers (39) Research Output (1033) Prizes (3) Activities (28) Press / Media (5) Network. It will give you all the training you need to work as a legal or financial tax specialist in an international setting. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. eisen: Amsterdam UVA: Gezondheidszorgpsychologie + aanv. filter, Apply   Faculty of Law filter, Apply   The Sustainability Science, Policy and Society programme deals with one of the world’s most relevant and complex issues: how to balance ecological, economic and social developments. Prepares students for a career in biological or cognitive psychology with a focus on research skills. Together with industry experts, you will explore the world of financial economics and will specialise in Asset Pricing, Banking or Financial Analysis. Email: In this programme, you’ll gain the practical skills necessary to assess and manage various mental healthcare problems. Deze opleiding kun je volgen bij Maastricht University Maastricht. Do you want to know how criminals are tracked down? UM postal address 63%. filter, Apply   (6)Department of Social Medicine, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands. UG students. You’ll gain all the skills you need to have major impact on medical research, including drug development and biotechnology. 68%. Interesse in de WO-opleiding Psychology? Maastricht Sustainability Institute Epidemiology is absolutely fundamental for maintaining and improving public health. You’ll be virtually guided by advanced Psychology students who are happy to answer … filter, Apply   Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Section Clinical Psychology - Associate Professor Clinical psychology - Associate Professor Person: Paid Staff - Academic Staff You’ll learn how to develop and evaluate health education and promotion initiatives and you’ll develop communication strategies to disseminate these programmes to various audiences. Because it’s such a broad subject, the programme has been divided into a series of specialisations, meaning that you can focus on your own interests and ambitions. As a tax specialist, you will deal with a broad range of questions regarding business taxes and personal taxes. You’ll learn to develop cutting-edge interventions and strategies to ensure that people stay healthy throughout their career. This curiosity drives us to explore the broad field of psychology from a biological and cognitive perspective. You can contact them on Instagram, where they post weekly about their experiences during their master's studies. Experience Maastricht University: find out more about one of the most international universities in Europe, immerse yourself in your programme of choice, and explore our beautiful city. The programme will provide you with an in-depth overview of European law and how it interacts with national law. 32%. Rep:? Faculty of Science and Engineering Maastricht University was at 88th place in the Times Higher Education World Ranking in 2016 (127th as of 2020), and 4th among Young Universities (10th in 2020). The master’s programme has two specialisations: direct and indirect taxation. However, the academic world expected more from a university than just a number of extra training places. Full-time and Part-time Those questions don’t respect borders: European borders are fading and businesses and people can move freely. In the master’s programme in Medicine, you’ll receive an extensive introduction to the practice of healthcare. CoRPS—Center of Research on Psychology in Somatic diseases, Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology, Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands. This programme is the perfect choice for anyone with an interest in European public health policies. European Studies is a one-year, full-time programme focusing on the internal and external dimensions of policy, governance and administration. 6211 LK Maastricht Recommended reading Students are strongly encouraged to search for their own literature at the university library where they have a large number of relevant articles and books at their disposal. Do you have a keen interest in issues surrounding physical activity, ageing, health, nutrition and sports? You’ll be virtually guided by advanced Psychology students who are happy to answer all your questions about studying and student life. You can also pursue a career in scientific research. It is ranked #=234 in QS Global World University Rankings 2021. Jennifer Kamorowski. The programme approaches these problems from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, such as political studies, cultural studies, innovation studies and social studies. In this challenging master's programme, you’ll learn how you can explain, predict and –if necessary- change how people think and what they do. The master’s programme in Law and Labour has two specialisations. Potentiële beroepen. RowanA Badges: 5. Choose one of the academic years below to view the pdf. Please use the form to request our newest study brochure 2016-2017. In the Health Food Innovation programme, you will learn how to develop and market new food products while taking both health and profitability into account. And how do we make our decisions? It offers top-rated education by excellent teachers who are also internationally recognised research experts in the topics they teach. 63%. The University has been placed in the top 300 universities in the world by five major ranking tables. You'll build the legal foundation and practical and technical skills to advance your career as a legal practitioner, European patent agent or manager in a knowledge-intensive industry. Law Full-time You'll learn how to analyse decision-making problems on both a cognitive and a social level and you'll be able to find optimal solutions for a broad range of problems. You’ll learn to use mathematics to analyse and optimise processes, problems and operations. Your one-stop location for accessing and managing your personal university information. Epidemiology EN . We are the study association of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. filter, Apply   In the master’s in Arts and Heritage, you will approach art and heritage from different perspectives. The master’s programme in Dutch Law is a very broad programme with numerous electives. Psychology aan de Maastricht University is beoordeeld door 136 respondenten. CimiRNAs have been implicated as promising biomarkers for central nervous system (CNS) disorders because they are actively secreted as messengers and are profoundly involved in fine-tuning of developmental and differentiation processes. 6211 LK Maastricht This highly practical programme will train you to unravel the molecular mechanisms in health and disease and will teach you how these insights can benefit patients. This master’s programme is also offered in Dutch. filter, Apply   Sign up for a Virtual Experience Day via the link to the right. Correspondence. Small groups of students (12-15) work on academic or practical cases prepared by their teachers, who act as guides to students. Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Section Applied Social Psychology - PhD; Applied Social Psychology - PhD; Person: Unpaid Staff - Academic Staff. It is ranked #=234 in QS Global World University Rankings 2021. QS WUR By Subject Ranking #51-100. It works on all your devices. Charles Adjei. After the master’s you will be a medical doctor (MD) and you'll be ble to specialise in, for example, in surgery or paediatrics. responsive design. You’ll learn the latest methodologies for business research and gain the experience and skills to maximise the impact of your research. MaastrichtMBA is an international, state-of-the-art, two-year part-time master programme targeted at professionals worldwide who would like to advance their management and leadership skills to boost their career and broaden their knowledge of business administration. Then you should consider getting a master’s in Business Intelligence and Smart Services. You will also take skills trainings that focus on topics like scientific writing and giving presentations. Acceptable option to get fund for PhD research in the Netherlands. Maastricht University (UM) is known for its Problem-Based Learning system and international orientation. Maastricht University (oficjalny skrót: UM) – publiczny uniwersytet w Maastricht, Holandia; jest drugim najmłodszym uniwersytetem w Holandii.. Maastricht University ma prawie 16 tysięcy studentów, z których 47% stanowią cudzoziemcy i ponad 3,5 tys. Maastricht University offers PhD programmes to holders of a master’s diploma, and we offer research master's programmes which lead directly into a PhD programme. It focusses on the development and production techniques of novel, biobased materials that are necessary for the transition to a sustainable economy. You can opt for the Free Programme, where you compose your own programme within certain guidelines. Since 2014 various activities and courses take place in what users from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Nederland, and Maastricht University (UM) work together. 2019-2020. ​Choose your own study and research specialisation (Europe and the World / Governance and Representation in Europe / Historicising European Union) and graduation package (Double Degree with Cologne University, DE  / Study Abroad / Research Internship).​. filter, Apply   Note that: codes of the English language courses will start with IPN-, and the codes for the Dutch languages courses will start with PSY-. YouTube, Ethics Review Committee Psychology and Neuroscience, Deelname wetenschappelijk onderzoek (in Dutch), FPN_NAJLA_PSYCHOLOGIE STUDEREN WO aan de Universiteit Maastricht / Maastricht University (ENG SUBS), FPN Live Q&A with Student Ambassadors [EN + NL], #3 ranked bachelor's programme in Keuzegids Universiteiten 2019, 2 Top Rated Programmes according to Keuzegids Masters 2019, cutting edge research facilities such as the 9.4 Tesla MRI scanner, all disciplines of psychology are represented in our master's programmes. +31 43 388 2222, Follow us on Social Media Sign up for the next Master's Open Day. We invite you to explore the profile of each specialisation and the practical details of how to apply! The master’s programme Media Studies: Digital Cultures Cultures focuses on digital media and electronic technologies, and takes a close look at the effects they have on our current media landscape. #2 Report 3 years ago #2 Thats a shame to hear about your bad experience. Dutch and English speakers available. 641 Article; 72 Chapter; 36 Doctoral Thesis; 12 Book; 37 More. Maastricht University is one of the top Public universities in Maastricht, Netherlands. By using the Problem-Based Learning method of teaching we encourage a similar curiosity in our students by handing them the tools to discover the world of the human brain. You will learn more about the scientific and social significance of art, culture and heritage and will acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of cultural policy, cultural education, and the management and marketing of arts and heritage. filter, Apply   You’ll also have the opportunity to do a clinical internship and a research internship, where you’ll obtain essential skills in the areas of diagnostics, interventions and research. You’ll be familiarised with the analytical tools, innovative research methods and change management instruments needed for policymaking and development at all levels of government.